Odds docs

Feed ID

Use the feed ID parameter to load one feed, multiple feeds, or all turned on feeds of a specific speed, sport, league, bet type, or API.

Type Example
Single feedfeedID=33
Multiple feedsfeedID=33,14,66,35,15
All odds feedsfeedID=odds-all
Speed filterfeedID=odds-speed-60
Sport filterfeedID=odds-sport-football
League filterfeedID=odds-league-nfl
Bet type filterfeedID=odds-bettype-player-rushing-yards
API filterfeedID=odds-api-draftkings-props
2 filtersfeedID=odds-speed-15--bettype-moneyline
3 filtersfeedID=odds-sport-football--league-nfl--bettype-point-spread
4 filtersfeedID=odds-speed-60--sport-baseball--league-mlb--bettype-total-runs
5 filtersfeedID=odds-speed-60--sport-baseball--league-mlb--bettype-total-runs--api-fanduel-props

URL parameters

Name Description Required Example
feedIDFeed ID (see above)YesfeedID=33
api-keyAPI keyYesapi-key=2f4cdec39f8b2a3dcd67357a80239645
formatFile formatNoformat=JSON (default), format=XML, format=CSV
versionOutput as version 3Noversion=3
idID (unique, 12 characters)Noid=08A7220F1FF7
gameUIDUniversal game ID NogameUID=40548-37569-2021-08-08-16
isLiveIs live oddsNoisLive=true, isLive=false
pricePrice formatNoprice=american (default), price=decimal, price=both
fileNameChange CSV file nameNofileName=dimedata (default), fileName=MyNewFileName
playerIDPlayer IDNoplayerID=mlb-joseabreu
removeFieldsRemove fields from outputNoremoveFields=id, removeFields=id,gameUID,type

Field names

Name Description Example
idID (unique, 12 characters)08A7220F1FF7
gameUIDUniversal game ID 40548-37569-2021-08-08-16
typeFeed typeOdds
apiFeed APIBetRivers Props
feedIDFeed ID (integer)33
speedFeed update speed (seconds)60
startDateStart date (UTC time, YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)2021-08-08T23:08:00Z
awayTeamAway teamChicago White Sox
homeTeamHome teamChicago Cubs
descriptionDescriptionChicago White Sox vs Chicago Cubs
isLiveIs live oddstrue, false
isMainIs main linenull, true, false
betTypeBet typeTo Hit A Home Run
betNameBet nameJose Abreu Over 0.5
betPriceBet price+275/3.75
betPointsBet points0.5
playerIDPlayer IDmlb-joseabreu
nextUpdateEstimated time until next update (seconds)59 (59 seconds from now), -5 (5 seconds ago)
checkedDateLast checked date (UTC time, YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)2021-08-08T22:48:43Z

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199.99 USD / month

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